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The Chain of Traced Meat

The“Meat Cut Traceability Method” with patent pending developed by Safe Trace integrates several technologies to offer a reliable and auditable result in all production stages, from the field to the consumer’s plate.

Discover how the production chain works:

Understand the process


  • Passo 01: Garantia de Procedência Safe Trace

    The Safe Trace traceability process confirms the verified and guaranteed origin by DNA, which makes the analysis process 100% reliable and safe, and allows recalls of products.

  • Passo 02: Garantia de Procedência Safe Trace

    Safe Trace only works with institutions that are committed to being socially and environmentally correct. In addition, it performs ongoing audits of its suppliers, ensuring compliance with criteria so that all information on the meat production chain is available to the final consumer.

  • Passo 03: Bem estar animal

    Good practices of animal well-being at different production stages are required and audited in the selection of suppliers that adhere to the Safe Trace traceability seal.

    When consulting a product on the site, it is possible to learn about the quality and animal well-being program used by the animal product from which your food came.

  • Passo 04: Animais saudáveis

    To received the Safe Trace traceability seal, the full vaccination history of the animals must be checked and all information provided by the producers is periodically audited.

  • Passo 05: Política de Qualidade

    Safe Trace offers quality information in its different segments of activity through an efficient and effective organizational and technological base, which is continuously improved. The objective is to meet and satisfy the needs and requirements of customers for differentiation of food products based on their production process, origin, sanitation and socio-environmental responsibility, as well as to strive for constant improvement with effectiveness of the quality management system.

  • Passo 06: Inovação

    Safe Trace invests in advanced research in equipment and technology in the area of molecular genetics to detect and diagnose diseases, offering a competitive service that is more and more attractive to the market.


Benefits of Tracking

In a complete process, from the farms to the retail networks, each link of the chain receives benefits and advantages with the adoption of Safe Trace technology and seal of guaranteed origin.

These are the main benefits for each sector:

Cattle Breeders

In addition to accompanying the animals from birth to slaughter, the Safe Trace tracking system is integrated with a system in which the cattle breeder can manage his own property and herd, doing all the control inherent to raising quality animals. This way, the herds and their properties are emphasized, and producers can sell the animals based on quality, not just on weight.

Besides this, the system includes the collection of genetic material from each animal, allowing identification of any illnesses, based on rapid testing that is compatible with domestic and international sanitary rules.

Meat Packing Plants

The Safe Trace tracking system can be adapted to any meat packing plant, quickly and without interfering in the production line.

Each cut that goes out to the retail networks or traders receives the Safe Trace seal, adding value and attractiveness on the market, since it is through the seal that all the information about the animal and the farm of origin can be traced.


Through the Safe Trace guarantee of origin, retailers can be sure they are offering products with efficient sanitary and socio-environmental controls, thus meeting the demands of their consumers.

Final Consumer

Through the Safe Trace seal, the final consumer has the guarantee of purchasing:

- - healthier meat – with audited sanitary controls.

- - meat that does not come from deforested areas.

- - farms are registered, movement of animals is controlled and geo-referenced.

Safe Trace

The pioneering and proprietary technology developed by Safe Trace places Brazil at the same level as more developed countries in meat chain management. Using the latest and most advanced equipment, the services enable the identification of a cattle herd and strict follow-up thereof, phase by phase, until the meat gets to final consumers.

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